Who we are

We endeavor to bring all our members together. That way we reap the benefits. 

The Objectives of the Association are to enhance the lives of the community by recreating, improving and maintaining the environment within its operational boundaries as set out in the map and schedule

As such, it’s only appropriate we forge unity as a family here as we understand our T5RWA culture and thereby can better support one another at all times.
Our ideals are those of unity, acceptance and respect for each other.

Our Pride

We pride ourselves as being a ‘family away from home’ because that is our goal.  We welcome more members in Thome 5 estate to join us and be part of the growing T5RWA family.

This calls for great sacrifices to be made.  Without a well knit community, the challenges that come with being away from home can be at times overwhelming.  Building a well knit community not only addresses these challenges but it also enhances unity, togetherness and the much needed support. 

And that is what T5RWA is all about.  

Our Historical Journey


The first ever meeting was held on the 8th day of February, 1998. This was specifically for the Thome V Central.


On the 17th April 2000, we wrote to KPLC to connect us to electricity.


Thome V Residents Welfare Association (TRWA) was registered on 28th Febuary 2005