How it all began


In the year 2018, a group of young Kenyans in South West Sydney saw the need to mend the disintegrated community that Kenyans were experiencing being in a fairly far away foreign country. Moving to another country is a daunting moment for many of us at best of times. Most of us took the courageous step to leave our families back home and venture into Australia to pursue hopes and dreams. To forge unity, UKACA was born. The founders had a vision to not only grow the organization but to ensure everyone fits in and feels at home.

2019 - GROWTH

UKACA membership grew at an unprecedented pace due popularity of the support members were giving each other. Though UKACA initially started in Sydney, members from other states we welcome to join.

To formalize the organization, concerted efforts were made to develop and refine the constitution. Several consultation meetings were held where members input were gathered so as to develop a document which was not only inclusive but comprehensive


Registration with Fair Trading
The need to recognized by government led to UKACA being registered with Fair Trading NSW. With registration, we can engage in wider community activities that enhance the well being of members with government’s support.


Having had the ground work laid for expansion of the organization, we feel UKACA is at a stage where we need to expand and strengthen our goals.