Togetherness is our goal.


We’ll stay united.


T5RWA is all about family.

Historical journey

The first ever meeting was held on the 8th day of February, 1998. This was specifically for the Thome V Central. The meeting was held at Homeland Inn. At that time there was no committee other than neighbours meeting to chart their way forward.

Thome Estate was during this time in two sections. The river which runs across the Estate had separated us giving birth to THOME V CENTRAL and THOME V ISLAND. Each section was managing their own issues without involving the other.

Our meetings at Homeland Inn continued and on the 28th February 1998, a committee was formed with the main agenda being Electrification, Water & Roads

KARA Excellence Awards.

We were awarded Viwanja Award and Maji Award.

KARA Excellence Awards.

The Chairman receives trophies and certificates as TRWA are 2023 winners in the KARA Excellence Awards. 1. Viwanja category, this is given to the resident's association that has successfully and zealously fought grabbers of public utility land in their communities .
Maji Excellence award, this is awarded to residents association that has achieved proper water reticulation and distribution in an orderly manner and working in harmony with their local water corporation. This awards ceremony was held on 8th December 2023 at Hotel Mercure, Upper Hill Nairobi.